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What methods do banks count as direct deposit?

Use this page to find what alternative methods banks might count as "Direct Deposit" from their perspective. This can be particularly useful for those looking to satisfy bank account sign-up bonus requirements when you don't have a traditional payroll direct deposit set up through an employer or the government.

Search the bank below, then select it to see what has and hasn’t worked for other people. Want to share your own experience? Leave a comment below, or add it to the database directly by clicking “Add Data Point.”

A note: Be aware that anytime another bank is used to trigger a direct deposit at the bank offering a bonus, the ACH transfer is ALWAYS initiated from the non-bonus bank (i.e. a “push" transfer).

Disclaimer: the info here is user-generated and not endorsed by EveryBankBonus or any of the mentioned banks. All data points are anecdotal and come from visitors to EveryBankBonus.com, HustlerMoneyBlog.com, DoctorOfCredit.com, and Reddit. Use at your own risk.

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