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Sofi Money $100 Sign-up Bonus - Full Review (Direct deposit required)


Advertiser and Editorial Disclosures The content below is NOT endorsed by the bank, and you should make sure to verify all terms and conditions with the bank itself before opening an account.

Get a $100 bonus when you complete $1,000 of qualifying direct deposits.

Looking for a side hustle to make some extra cash this summer? Look no further than bank bonuses!

This bonus is $100 for $1,000 in cumulative direct deposits within thirty days, which for most people should be super attainable. If you can't swing it, you can also check out the $50 SoFi Money Referral bonus that just requires a $500 deposit when you sign up to get $50.

SoFi Money is solid - no monthly fees, tons of free ATM's, beautiful user interface... it's definitely one of our favorites. If you haven't tried SoFi Money yet, give it a shot.

How did this bonus go for you? Let us know in the comments!


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Who is this bonus for?
Eligible states
Specific geography
Expiration date
Thursday, September 30, 2021

Bonus requirements
Direct deposit - Amount | Frequency
Yes - $1,000 | 20
Savings requirement | time
Bill pay
Debit card
Other requirements

Account details
Account type
Account features
High APYCashback Debit CardFDIC InsuredLots of Free ATM'sNo Minimum Balance Required
Apply online
Monthly fees
How to avoid monthly fees

Other details
Wait for reward (expected)
14 days
Hard pull
Leave account open
30 days
Other fine print
All new members who join SoFi Money during the Promotion Period and all existing SoFi Members without a prior history of Direct Deposit transactions (“Direct Deposit”) to their SoFi Money account as of the beginning of the Promotion Period are eligible for the Program.

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