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SoFi Invest Promotion $50 Sign-up Bonus - Full Review (No Direct Deposit Required)


Advertiser and Editorial Disclosures The content below is NOT endorsed by the bank, and you should make sure to verify all terms and conditions with the bank itself before opening an account.

Open a SoFi Invest account with $1,000 and get a $50 bonus.

Besides having one of the best user interfaces on the market, SoFi Invest is the easiest way for anyone to get started as an investor. Put $5,000 into your account to get an immediate $50 stock bonus within just a few days.

And since SoFi allows you to invest in fractional shares of stocks, with even $5 you can buy a piece of some of the most expensive companies like Tesla, Facebook, and more.

Phil Kirkeiner - February 6, 2020

Who is this bonus for?
Eligible states
Specific geography
Expiration date
Unsure - contact bank

Bonus requirements
Direct deposit - Amount | Frequency
Savings requirement | time
$5,000 for 1 days
Bill pay
Debit card
Other requirements

Account details
Account type
Account features
Apply online
Monthly fees
How to avoid monthly fees

Other details
Wait for reward (expected)
1 days
Hard pull
Leave account open
1 days
Other fine print
Only one Invest Referral Bonus and one Invest Welcome Bonus will be awarded for each referred Eligible Invest Recipient, regardless of whether the Eligible Invest Recipient opens and funds multiple accounts. An Eligible Invest Referrer will not earn an Invest Referral Bonus if the Eligible Invest Recipient has or had an existing funded SoFi Invest account or does not use a unique referral link provided by the Eligible Invest Referrer.

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